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Accounting is a vast field and Accounts Receivable is a term that refers to a kind of asset of a company. Accounts Receivable is the money or cash that a company or supplier (just for instance) has a right to receive because it has provided or delivered customers with services or / and goods. Let’s have an example, a supplier will be having an account receivable when it supplies a container loaded of goods to the customer or consumer on January 1 and the customer who received the container was allowed to pay within around 20 days. So, from January 1 till the supplier receives the cash, this supplier will have an entry of account receivable (and off-course the customer/ consumer will be having an Account Payable). Account receivables are also referred and known as trade receivables. Here at you need to pass a test that is Accounts Receivable Guru Skill Test to shine in this field. We assist you in passing this test with remarkable percentile that would be more than 80%. Just let us know when you are ready to achieve such a success.

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