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Fireworks was previously known as Macromedia Fireworks as it was owned and developed by Macromedia. In 2005 Adobe purchased Fireworks and then carried on by developing Fireworks to its unbound features and functionalities. Adobe Fireworks is mainly a mix of bitmap and vector graphics editor. One of the main purpose of this graphical tool is to develop website prototype and different application interfaces that are mainly web-based. Adobe Fireworks consists hundreds of features, tools, tabs, layers, interfaces and lots of functionalities to streamline as well as speed up graphical work. We can also import all types of assets from Photoshop (another graphical tool by Adobe) and Illustrator (Graphical tool by Adobe) utilizing both type (Vector and Raster) of graphics at the same time. Adobe Fireworks CS3 is an outstanding tool that is capable to convert any graphical representation to website ready format like HTML and by forming an external CSS that is almost up to the standards, though web-designers may edit these afterwards. Whenever you have plans to attempt Adobe Fireworks CS3 Guru Skill Test, just let to help you with their expertise. 

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