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Profile is the most important piece of information that does heavy lifting for your career at This is the only thing that is going to convince your prospectus clients to hire you and makes him sure that you are the best fit for the project. There are almost three things which are actually the backbone of your profile. First one is the description about yourself, second one is your portfolio items and if you are a newbie, this section won’t have anything in the beginning. Third and most important thing is your Skill Tests. This tells your competency level for each skill. So, to have as many skill tests passed as you want, let SkillTestAnswer help you out. What’s going to happen, you don’t need to bother about at all. We shall look into the matter with detail. We assure your 100% success in every Guru Skill Test with percentile more than 80%. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start decorating your profile with more skill tests now!

Our World is full of miracles but to run a business there is not a single miracle and even you don’t need one. So, what do you need to establish any kind of business either small or large? Advertising is a skill or technique that is not less than a miracle. No matter how big is your enterprise or you just produce candles at home; you need advertisement / advertising. You need to tell everyone or at least present your potential buyer to sell your product. You need to motivate them, tell them a lubricated story and demonstrate your services, products or goods. This is all about Advertising. Advertising is a complete profession with full blown plan and supportive tools. This media is a process and target to get maximum turn over from any business. Though there is an upfront investment but this is worth of it. Detailed studies require to build up a business or service around advertising either it’s online or offline. You can go for a skill test at to have an advertising skills certificate badge. If you have plans about this, we would help you achieving highest percentile in Advertising Certificate Guru Skill Test. 

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