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One of the most frequently used technique in websites and web apps especially in e-commerce and social media sites is AJAX. AJAX is an extension or one might say a framework of JavaScript stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML”. You know JavaScript is one of the fastest executing client side script though it’s now blown out to cover the server side as well. So, what does AJAX do? I will try to elaborate this in a simple fashion. AJAX plays a middle man role between client and server responses. AJAX collects information from client side and produce a call to server side languages, get the results from server and hands it over to client side scripts or directly displays them. Interesting thing to note here is that all of this takes place behind the scene. No page reloading occurs at all. This process is quicker and less load taking as no reloading of any libraries or scripts require. Just a little tweak happens to refresh and brings in the fresh pieces of information and embeds in already displayed content. To compete for a top level position at for AJAX Guru Skill Test is a nightmare for freelancers but we provide complete support. Let’s talk about this at   

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