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Along with many other programming languages C is also one of the procedural and general purpose computer programming language. It was developed in 1972 primarily to develop Unix Operating System. C is one of the earliest ages programming language and is always known as mother of languages. So, C language is obligatory to learn for almost each student of the Computer Sciences. C has all the basic procedures, constructs, looping, functions, operators and types etc. which are basic parts to lay foundation. All of the other languages base on same doctrines so if you are able to learn C programming language, you can learn any language in the World. This language is a purposeful language that can be used to produce desktop applications, apps to interact with web applications, games and all kinds of software. Besides the fact that it’s an ancient times language, still it’s one of the top most famous languages and mostly remains between top two positions alongside with Java. C Programming Skill Test at Guru is one of many tests that a programmer should go for. Team SkillTestAnswer is skilled and experienced enough to help you with confidence of this language test. Have a query? Get in touch with us!    

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