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COCOA is a native API of one of the industry leading Apple products. It’s the Object Oriented Programming Interface for Mac OS X which is an operating system by Apple. It’s used for development purposes of apps, software, games etc. only for Apple’s products including Apple TV, iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. Cocoa requires development tools to develop such kind of applications. So, Apple provides different tools like XCode that is used as a project builder and formerly known as Project Builder as well, and Interface Builder. Both of these based on Objective-C and /or swift. Anyways, if you have Mac and running Mac OS X, it certainly means that you already own Cocoa as well as all freely available tools you need to program Mac. So, how much fun would be there to develop your own applications with in your Mac and use them at the same time. Though it’s fun, but still it’s not that straight forward and easy for beginners to pass Guru Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X 10.5 Skill Test. We lead and assist you at Contact us with full confidence.

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