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To best of my knowledge iPhone OS is one of the latest and most widely used mobile phone operating system and can be considered at number 2 in the world. I may be wrong but I think Android is at number one, but still you can guess how popular this OS is. iPhone programming OS 4.0 is shortened as iOS 4.0 is basically a mobile phone operating system developed and maintained by Apple and distributed exclusively only for Apple hardware. To learn and program such kind of OS you should be aware of different programming languages like iOS, Cocoa that is a framework and an API, Objective-C or swift. So, basically you should be well versed to program iPhone OS 4.0 that was a major release of Apple. However, it’s way much better to take help from us to pass Guru iPhone Programming OS 4.0 Skill Test with ease and to gain percentile more than 80%.  


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