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Last Update September, 2020

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Google analytics is basically a service offered by GOOGLE that keep tracks reports web traffic. You can watch most significant analytics data firstly with new feature of Google Analytics program. Multiple dashboards can be created if there is more than one piece of data. Just set them up with dashboard areas. You can see from which online campaign you can attract more traffic. You can create advance segments for this purpose and then new customized segment. It has been made easier for you to locate your viewers. You can locate your best visitors by seeing location demographics. You can observe what visitors are trying to seek on your website. You can also visualize what viewers are clicking mostly at your website. By identifying your bad performing pages you can make plans how you to overcome these kinds of problems. So for internet marketing Google analytics plays a key role. Make this Knowledge of Google Analytics test clear so that clients can know how much you are good about internet concepts. For best result you can visit SkillTestAnswer.com so that you can know how to pass this test easily.

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