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Last Update September, 2020

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Node.js is a very famous development and deployment system. Web developers can create server side web applications through Node.js. It is an open source platform which means any one can use Node.js for developing web based apps. All codes are written in java script language and can be run on with Node.js runtime. For real time applications it provides event driven architecture which is scale able. It operates on a single thread by using non blocking IOS calls. Features pf tools have been added in it which brings application to full production readiness. For developing parallel tasks there is a thread pool which handles these tasks. Web Developers are focusing on this language to make different kinds of apps because there are so many projects available at Upwork regarding Node.js. If you want to work on this platform you need to pass its skill test first. Easiest way to pass this test is SkilltestAnswer.com. From their provided help you can surely pass this Node.js Test. With this certification you can get more chances to get projects of web applications at Upwork.

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