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LinkedIn Adobe XD

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update April, 2024

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Exam Detail

linkedin learning Adobe XD

Where can you access the content from a design system?

Creative Cloud

Layers panel

Assets panel

an .xd file

linkedin Adobe XD assessment answers

What is the advantage to embedding a bitmap when exporting to the .svg format?

There is a significant reduction in the time taken to load the bitmap when the project is opened on a device.

It creates a reference inside the .svg to the bitmap, which makes the assets more manageable.

You can easily add the various sizes of the bitmap during development.

Development time is reduced.

linkedin Adobe XD quiz answers

What do overlays require?

a separate artboard

a keyboard element

a trigger

an action

linkedin Adobe XD test

When a menu slides in over the artboard and the artboard blurs, what effect has been applied?

object blur

background blur

color overlay

Darken Blend mode

Adobe XD linkedin quiz answers

Where does XD save your projects, by default?


your hard drive

a selected folder

Creative Cloud

Adobe XD linkedin assessment answers

Adobe XD linkedin learning


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