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LinkedIn Microsoft Azure

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update June, 2024

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Exam Detail

  Linkedin Microsoft Azure assessment answers

You need to deliver a mobile push notification feature for the Kineteco Retail app, hosted in Azure App Service. The solution should minimize cost, complexity, and development effort. Which option should you choose? 

  • Event Grid
  • Twilio
  • Notification Hub
  • Service Bus

Microsoft Azure certification linkedin

Your application hosted in Azure App Service needs to retrieve secrets from Azure Key Vault. Which choice is not a way to authenticate to Key Vault?

  • shared access key
  • managed identity
  • service principal and a secret
  • service principal and a certificate

Microsoft Azure fundamentals linkedin

You added a persistent volume claim to your apps YAML manifest. When you attempt to deploy to an existing AKS cluster there is no persistent volume available. What should you do?

  •  Do nothing. The API server will provision additional storage automatically
  •  Add a data disk definition for the AKS cluste to your apps YAML manifest
  •  Add a data disk to each Kubernetes cluster node and reattempt app deployment
  •  Provision an Azure Files instance and reattempt app deployment

linkedin Azure assessment answers

Your corporate web application is hosted in Azure regional data centres aroung the world. You need to route user requests to the closest service endpoint based on response latency. Which routing method should you use?

  •  Application gateway
  •  Front Door
  •  API Management
  •  Traffic manager

Azure certification linkedin

You are developing a release strategy for several related software components. You need to reference variable groups and secure files across multiple build and release pipelines. What is the most efficient way to store and reference these assets from the pipeline?

  •  Add the assets to a git repository
  •  Add the assets in Key Vault <<<<<SHOULD BE THIS ONE
  •  Add the assets to an encrypted volume
  •  Add the assets to a library <<<< COULD BE THIS ONE TOO

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