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LinkedIn Python (Programming Language)

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update April, 2024

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Exam Detail

  Python (Programming Language) assessment Linkedin answers

What is an abstract class?

  • An abstract class exist only so that other “ concrete” classes can inherit from the abstract class.
  • Abstract classes must be redefined any time an object is instantiated from them. 
  • Abstract classes must inherit from concrete classes.
  • An abstract class is the name for any class from which you can instantiate an object

Linkedin Python skills assessment

What happens when you use the built-in function any() on a list?

  • The any() function returns a Boolean value that answers the question "Are there any items in this list?"
  • The any() function takes as arguments the list to check inside, and the item to check for. If "any" of the items in the list match the item to check for, the function returns True.
  • The any() function will randomly return any item from the list.
  • The any() function returns True if any item in the list evaluates to True. Otherwise, it returns False.

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What data structure does a binary tree degenerate to if it isn't balanced properly?

  • queue
  • linked list
  • OrderedDict
  • set

Linkedin Python assessment answers

What is a static method?

  • Static methods can access and modify the state of a class or an instance of a class.
  • Static methods are called static because they always return "None".
  • Static methods can be bound to either a class or an instance of a class.
  • They serve mostly as utility methods or helper methods, since they can't access or modify a class's state.

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What are attributes?

  • Attributes are a way to hold data or describe a state for a class or an instance of a class.
  • Function arguments are called “attributes” in the content of class methods and instance methods.
  • Attributes are a long-form version of an “if/else” statement, used when testing for equality between objects. 
  • Attributes are stings that describe characteristics of a class.

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