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LinkedIn Adobe InDesign

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update April, 2024

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Exam Detail

linkedin adobe indesign assessment answers

Which feature helps you open or close sets of panels in the user interface?

Window > Arrange

View > Extras

Window > Workspace

View > Screen Mode


linkedin adobe indesign quiz questions and answers


When you group two or more objects, what happens?

All the objects are moved to the same layer.

The objects must not span across both pages of a two-page spread.

All the objects are filled and stroked with the same color swatch.

If the topmost object was set to be nonprinting, all objects in the group will be nonprinting.


linkedin learning adobe indesign


You are creating a flyer to be printed, and you want the background color to extend past the edge of the page. Which setting in the New Document dialog box will help you accomplish this?

Column Gutter


Slug Guides



linkedin adobe indesign quiz answers


The text inside a text frame is highlighted with pink. When you enter Preview mode, the pink disappears. What does the pink highlight probably indicate in this situation?

The specified font is not available on your computer.

Local formatting has been applied that is different than the underlying paragraph style.

A character style has been applied to the text.

The text is conditional or variable.

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