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LinkedIn Adobe Premiere Pro

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update April, 2024

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Exam Detail

Adobe premiere pro linkedin quiz answers


When part of your footage is transparent, where is the transparency information stored in the file?

source monitor

alpha effect

opacity effect

alpha channel


Adobe premiere pro linkedin learning


If an effect has a star next to its icon, what type of effect is it?






linkedin Adobe premiere pro assessment test answers


What adjustment can help return edge detail to video footage?






linkedin Adobe premiere pro assessment answers


Which statement is false regarding exporting media from Adobe Premiere Pro?

You can encode sequences into one or more formats with Adobe Media Encoder.

When you click Export, Adobe Premiere Pro will encode the file in the background and let you continue editing.

Adobe Premiere can directly export files.

While using Adobe Media Encoder, you can keep working on the same sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro.


linkedin learning Adobe premiere pro


You want to float the History panel independently to position it on another monitor as a floating window. Which option in the panel’s submenu should you select?

Undock Frame

Maximize Frame

Undock Panel

Maximize Panel


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