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Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update April, 2024

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Exam Detail

   Pro Tools Linkedin Quiz

Can you copy and paste volume automation from one track to another?

  • No, you cannot.
  • Yes, it is just like audio or MIDI.
  • Yes, but you will lose breakpoints.
  • No, you can copy and paste only in advanced editing mode.

Pro Tools Linkedin Quiz answers

What does Cut Time do in the Event > Time Operations menu?

  • It makes the end of the session timeline shorter.
  • It changes 4/4 tempo to 2/4.
  • It removes a timeline selection across all tracks and closes the gap.
  • None of these answers is correct.

Linkedin Pro Tools assessment

When do you use Shuffle Edit mode?

  • You want to edit or move a clip with unrestricted freedom in increments as small as one sample.
  • You want to edit or move a clip in increments defined by your grid value.
  • You want to trim the clip and make all other clips following adjust in time by the same amount.
  • You want to click a clip and enter the clip's start point manually.

Linkedin Pro Tools assessment answers

You recorded a MIDI synth performance and you are happy with it. Now you want to overwrite some mod wheel moves to the performance. What MIDI mode do you want to be in to do this so you can record the mod wheel moves and keep the MIDI notes?

  • Wait for Note
  • MIDI Merge
  • MIDI Meld
  • Conductor Track

Linkedin Pro Tools Quiz

You are running out of processing power and your buffer size is at the maximum. How else can you free up some processing power?

  • Use Track > Commit on any tracks that have plug-ins to which you are ready to commit.
  • Use less automation.
  • Make sure all tracks are in read mode.
  • Turn on Insertion Follows Playback.

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